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The Bosley Medical Institute specializes in hair loss and medical hair restoration, including hair transplantation. They claim to have performed more than 180,000 hair transplant procedures on thousands of men and women with hair loss and progressive baldness. The Bosley Medical Institute (BMI) has conducted hair transplantation procedures for over 30 years and has regional surgical offices in many U.S. cities. The BMI states that its physicians are Doctors of Medicine (M.D.'s) and board certified by an American board in Dermatology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and/or Hair Restoration Surgery, with a minimum of 10 years in private practice.

Hair restoration uses surgical procedures and artistic techniques to create a natural looking restored hairline. Hair transplantation is conducted as an outpatient procedure. During the procedure, hair follicles (also known as grafts) are taken from a donor area at the back and sides of the head and transplanted to thinning and balding areas. "Bosley physicians are trained to artistically perform this procedure in a manner that results in virtually undetectable natural-looking restored hairlines and natural density," states the BMI, on their website. "The techniques and process utilized at Bosley are equally effective in treating hair loss for both men and women."

The average cost of a Bosley hair transplant is about $12,000. Although conventional medical insurance does not cover hair transplant procedures, Bosley has arranged with Cosmetic Fee Plan, a provider of elective medical financing, to assist with financial arrangements.

The BMI website does not provide published studies or research about their hair transplant procedure, patient safety, or potential side effects. The BMI claims that scarring from the procedure is almost undetectable and post-operative infection is extremely rare. However, the BMI has been investigated by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, Bureau of Special Operations, Consumer Protection Division, for false advertising and consumer complaints.

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