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 Scalp Med ScalpMed® is a hair care system of topically applied products formulated to help slow the effects of hair loss and promote hair growth. ScalpMed® products include Vitadil-5A (containing 5% Minoxidil) for men, Vitadil-2A (contains 2% Minoxidil) for women, Cortex Enlarger Thickening Hair Spray, Nutrisol, and Scalp Med Detoxifying Cleanser Kit.

Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine®, is an FDA-approved medication for hair loss treatment. Minoxidil 2% is the only hair loss drug for women approved by the FDA. Minoxidil is available over the counter without prescription at most drugstores and supermarkets to treat male or female pattern baldness. Minoxidil (or Rogaine) is also significantly less expensive than Vitadil-5A or Vitadil-2A.

Male or female pattern baldness, known as androgenic alopecia (AGA), is a common form of hair loss in men and women. Minoxidil has been shown to slow hair loss and improve hair growth in male or female pattern baldness. However, ScalpMed's manufacturer has not conducted clinical studies of their products on the scalp and thinning hair.

The ScalpMed® Cortex Enlarger Thickening Hair Spray contains panthenol (pro-vitamin B-5) and other ingredients formulated to add body and fullness to hair. Nutrisol is a nutrient solution for men and women containing beta-sitosterol and other essential amino acids, minerals and herbs that penetrate and revitalize the hair follicle. The Detoxifying Cleanser Kit includes SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)-Free Shampoo and Panthenol-DX Scalp Detoxifier formulated to dissolve excess sebaceous secretions and other toxins at the hair follicle.

The manufacturer claims that there are no side effects associated with ScalpMed. However, minoxidil is known to have side effects including minor symptoms such as scalp itching and irritation or a temporary increase in hair loss. Rare side effects can occur such as chest pain, faintness or dizziness, fast or irregular heart beat, sudden weight gain, or swollen face, hands or feet. The use of minoxidil may interfere with other medical problems or prescription drugs. You should consult with your doctor before using any product containing minoxidil.

ScalpMed® products need to be used for at least 60 days to experience results. To maintain the desired results, the product must be continued.

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